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Solaira SHP Series High Power Heat Controller - 350 Amp 120/240V

  • $1,448.00

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Solaira SHP Series High Power Analog Controllers utilize phase-angle firing to provide constant variable control of single-phase A.C. voltages to variable resistance loads for quartz/tungsten emitter and tube systems. These units are solid state and when operated within their stated ratings for current, voltage and temperature, have no known MTBF or life expectancy rating. Solaira SHP High Power Controllers are perfect for infrared heating control, infrared paint drying, infrared ink drying, heat sealing, and silent arcless switching. The Solaira SHP Series High Power Controllers utilize exclusive “Vbo Clamping” and “2 millisecond fuses” to protect power semiconductor components against damage. These Solaira controllers also feature a “1/2 second soft start” which brings the power up slowly to the emitter which prolongs the emitter’s life.

  • All solid state construction
  • Exclusive “2 Millisecond” fuses for short-circuit protection
  • Exclusive “Vbo Clamping” transient
  • Voltage protection
  • Exclusive full rated operation 50 degrees
  • C (122 degrees F) without fans
  • ½ second soft-start
  • Overall efficiency: 98.5 to 99.5%
  • Vented enclosures sold separately
  • Mains Frequency: 50/60 Hz standard
  • Output Voltage: 4% to nominal input voltage, infinitely variable
  • Power Loss: approximately 1-2 watts/ampere/switched pole
  • Voltage Drop Across Power Circuit at 100% Output: 1-2 volts maximum per switched pole
  • Proof Voltage: (isolation between power circuit, control circuit and ground) greater than 2 kV
  • Control input: manual control via 75K Ohm potentiometer with Integral On/Off switch and calibrated dial plate standard
  • Control Power: 5 watts minimum, derived from 12 VA isolation control transformer on all units


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