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Solaira  OMNIS 30A Control w/enclosure, 0-10dcv, 4-20Ma

Solaira OMNIS 30A Control w/enclosure, 0-10dcv, 4-20Ma

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SOLAIRA OMNIS CONTROLS (OC) utilize state of the art phase-angle firing to provide total control of single-phase A.C.
Voltages to variable resistance loads for quartz/tungsten emitter, tube and black body resistive heating systems.
The Solaira Omnis (OC) are solid state and have no known MTBF or life expectancy rating.
SOLAIRA OMNIS CONTROLS (OC) include stainless on/off/variable 0 - 10dcV Potentiometer. The OC is equipped with low voltage
input terminal for integration with Building Management Control (BMS). Optically isolated input, open or closed loop
with 0 -10V or 4-20mA input options

ONE ZONE DESIGN Solaira Omnis (OC) is engineered to give system designer a simple one zone option for the complete,
controlled output in the zone designated area. This system can be scaled for larger areas with individual ONE ZONE SYSTEMS
(ie 3 separate OMNIS 50A controls for 3 separate zones in an area). If an engineer/electrician is looking for a fully integrated multi-zone
system, consider the SOLAIRA OMNIS CUSTOM (OCC) system for a completely customized control (custom load management,
custom input design, custom output options)
POWER CIRCUIT Inverse-parallel semiconductors traditional round body style selected VBO Clamping transient protection
with parallel R-C circuit for dv/dt protection. Current-clamping or 2 millisecond power fuses in series with the power semiconductors
provide short circuit protection.
MAINS FREQUENCY/OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 50/60 Hz standard, 4% to nominal input voltage, infinitely variable OVERALL
EFFECIENCY/POWER LOSS: 98.5 TO 99.5%, approx. 1-2 watts/ampere/switched pole Voltage Drop Across Power Circuit
at 100%; 1-2 volt maximum per switched pole.
PROOF VOLTAGE: Isolation between power circuit, control circuit and ground, greater then 2.5kV


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